Fresh off the Boat welcomes another Chinese family to Orlando


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The Huangs have encountered a lot of surprises during their time in Orlando, but they’re about to face the biggest one yet: They’re not alone.

In an upcoming episode of Fresh off the Boat, Ming-Na Wen (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Reggie Lee (Grimm), and Jimmy O. Yang (Silicon Valley) will guest star as the only other Chinese family in the neighborhood, EW has learned.

The discovery of the trio will come in the November episode of the ABC sitcom, “Mo’ Chinese Mo’ Problems,” when Evan (Ian Chen) goes door-to-door as part of the United States Census. Wen will play Elaine, Jessica’s (Constance Wu) dream Chinese BFF, also known as the “Chinese Oprah” for her incredible advice; Lee plays Julius, who, like Louis (Randall Park), has fully bought into the American dream, becoming a diehard fan of steak, apple pie, and the Dallas Cowboys; Yang, who starred with Wu in this summer’s smash hit Crazy Rich Asians, plays Horace, Elaine and Julius’ talented son who went to Harvard at 16, making him a favorite of Jessica, until he reveals some of his past secrets.

The fifth season of Fresh Off the Boat begins Oct. 5 on ABC.

Eddie Huang’s memoir adaptation tells the comical adjustments of a Taiwanese-American family settling into the wild ways of ’90s Orlando, Florida.

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