Gordon Ramsay’s kids cook for him and his reaction is not what you’d expect


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Gordon Ramsay is probably the scariest person to cook for on the planet. Set aside every kitchen tantrum you’ve seen him throw, though, because his reaction to his kids cooking for him will surprise you. 

For the TV chef’s 50th birthday, his children rustled up a birthday feast that looked fit for a Michelin Star, frankly. His kids, Matilda and Jack, cooked ravioli for the first course. “It looks beautiful. The pasta is so nice and thin,” said Ramsay. “Tilly, it’s beautiful.” 

For the main course, the kids served a filet de boeuf. “Wow, a nice sear on the outside and pink in the middle. The perfect way to eat filet,” said Ramsay. The meal was polished off with a melting chocolate ball, which Ramsay hailed “delicious.”

Praise indeed! 

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