Miss Michigan brilliantly calls attention to the Flint water crisis


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This year’s Miss America pageant crown went to Miss New York, but Miss Michigan 2018, Emily Sioma, made a splash of her own. 

During introductions, Emily Sioma approached the mic confidently and used her moment to bring awareness to the water crisis happening within her state. 

“From the state with 84 percent of the U.S. fresh water but none for its residents to drink, I am Miss Michigan, Emily Sioma,” she said, unwaveringly. 

Flint, a city less than two hours away from Sioma’s hometown of Grass Lakes, is still in the midst of a water crisis that began in 2014 when residents of the city “raised concerns over reported rashes, hair loss and other problems from using the tap water.” While steps have been made to rectify the health crisis, the city is still struggling to make substantial progress towards providing clean drinking water for its residents. 

Sioma highlighting the problems in Flint stood out among the other introductions, many which included their schools and majors. Fans of the pageant watching from home took notice at Sioma’s declaration, and celebrated her taking the time to shine a light on the crisis. 

While she may not have won the competition, she definitely stole the show. 

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